domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

Desire or necessity

When in the university, business schools and academies we study marketing we always ask ourselves if the marketing makes necessity or desire. Many teachers say that the marketing makes desire and not necessities because following the marketing lessons of marketing guru Philip Kotler. Kotler defines necessity as a basic human necessity (eating, drinking, surviving, communication...), so the marketing shouldn’t have influence over necessities (as per my old teacher: it shouldn’t be ethics).
But then...  in which does marketing have influence? ..... In desires, but, what is a desire?
A desire is a necessity applied to specific item (hamburger, orange juice, mobile phone, computer...)
But now our past desires have become in necessity (basic necessity), everybody has a computer, a mobile phone.... Perhaps when Kotler thought about desire and necessity many years ago, he didn’t know this. The society has advanced to a very consumer system where the desires are necessity.
Thanks professors, colleagues and friends because your thoughts have helped me.