martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

How you can create a brand, “THE BRAND”

Firstly we’re commenting which is a brand. A brand is what identifies to manufacturer or seller. A brand is like our own name. Ok you’re a person, but your name, for example, is Kevin, so you’re Kevin. With brands happen the same. A cola drink called Coca-Cola is a Coca-Cola, A car called Mercedes is a Mercedes…
All of them do that a brand be very complex and therefore it must be created thinking in the following aspects: attributes, profits, value, culture, personality, consumer… A brand must never be a simple name, must have all the above mentioned.
In many cases a brand is a big part of company value; it’s a part of what we know like “Goodwill”.
Within all of this we could explain about Brand Decisions, portfolios of brands, etc. But this one isn’t our objective. We’re going to try showing you how a brand is created.
To make a brand is necessary to know which is our product or service, which is the positioning that we want in the consumer’s mind, in other words, how we want consumer to see our product or service.
Our brand must be coherent with product design, consumer, our own company, even with the place where it is going to be sold.
The choice of brand’s name is a non short process which starts making a list with possible names, to do that we can use different techniques like the dictionary tech or the brainstorm tech. But… how can I make a effective brand?... It isn’t easy.
Within the process to build the brand you must find out that one which impacts to your potential consumer.
A brand must:
-          Be easy to pronounce
-          Be easy to remember
-          Respect the culture, both national and international
-          Be differentiable
-          Suggest profits and qualities
-          Be evident…
In next articles I’ll explain some examples about the abovementioned.



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