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“Lo bueno de la ciencia es que es cierta independientemente de si crees o no en ella” (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

What is The Neuromarketing?

Today, we are going to talk about a new trend which has appeared in last years, it's the neuromarketing. But... what is it? This is very easy: Firstly we take the word “neurology” which is the science that studies everything related to the nervous system and its interaction with environment, secondly we have the word “marketing” that are market's relations to consumer in order to know, to show products, to communicate, to get a buying response and loyalty, etc. When you mix “neuro[logy]” plus “marketing”, you obtain “neuromarketing”. Hence, we can define neuromarketing as “all techniques which companies usually implement to know, to measure and to penetrate in consumer's mind using neurological techniques. NEURO + MARKETING = NEURO MARKETING Now, we show some examples how this techniques act: When you go shopping and you walk in Uterque (Luxury Shop of clothes and garments of Inditex Group), you smell a special perfume (made only for Uterque shops) which makes that peop