“Lo bueno de la ciencia es que es cierta independientemente de si crees o no en ella” (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

About Me (eng)

Since I began studying in Madrid, I've been curious about human behaviour. As I learned more, I became more interested and wondered if I could study it in depth. Thus, I opted to specialise in marketing to understand consumer behaviour and finance to comprehend how resource allocation works for suppliers and buyers. Recently, I also acquired the techniques of data analysis and applied artificial intelligence to my set of skills.
Although I'm interested in qualitative aspects, I'm fascinated by the quantitative perspective. That's why throughout my career and studies, I've focused on using math (especially statistics) to comprehend the phenomena linked to customer behaviour and how marketing strategies promote customer engagement.

I have led and designed projects for several sectors in recent years, expanding my understanding and expertise of the marketing and advertising technology landscape.

This is my personal page where you can view my work and the projects I have participated in. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries or proposals for collaboration.


Otto F. Wagner 



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